Make Money With Bidvertiser-Review,Payment Proof (PayPal+Western Union)

Make Money With Bidvertiser-Review,Payment ProofBidvertiser is a pay per click (PPC) Ad network for Make Money Blogging. Bidvertiser reputed PPC Company that founded in 2013.There is lots of Google Adsense Alternatives Ad media like as Bidvertiser. I use Bidvertiser from six months. They pay on timely and there payment method is good.
I get payout in PayPal many times and three times in Western Union and good news that they carry all charge. No extra free need to get paid. It is true that they pay low click rate but it is easy to approved and great way to make money for newbie blogger or website owners.

Bidvertiser Review:
Bidvertiser Ads Format:
01.Banner Ad (Lot of Size)
02.Contextual Ad
03.You can customize your site ads design like Color.
04.Easy and clean ad code.

Positive Approach:
01. Easy to get approval.
02.No Hard Rules and regulation (Adult site Not Applicable)
03.Here XML Search Feed available and Toolbar options.
04.Pay on Timely. Net30th.
05.Customer support is good.
06.Not extra fee needed for publisher.
07.Referral Program has. (Advertisers or Publishers Both)

Negative Approach:
01.Click rates it very low.
02.No publisher control in ads.
03.Publisher support is not so fast like others site.
04.Not useable with Google Adsense.

Bidvertiser Payment Methods:
Paypal  (Minimum $10)
Western Union (Minimum $100)
Check (Minimum $100)
Wire (Minimum $500)

My Account Summary:
Account Summary Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser Payment Proof Paypal:
(update soon)
Bidvertiser Payment Proof Western Union (2014):
Bidvertiser Payment Proof,Bidvertiser Payment Proof Western Union ,Bidvertiser Payment Proof 2014
Finally I suggest you that Bidvertiser click rate is low but they pay on timely and no fear for banned like Google Adsense for it is perfect who are newbie in this way.If you have not account in Bidvertiser create an Free account from below banner and put ad code on your blog or site.


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