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There are many sites to make money by uploading files online. is one of them.
Indishare Earning
Many music and download based sites use Indishare for uploading their files and beside earn money. There are many similar sites like .I also use it for my song download site. They give fewer rates than
other uploading site (Country D) but visitor can easily download from it. Because here need not to wait and
give captcha for download files.

They pay different rate for 1000 download country based. In the below screen shot you can easily understand that. Country based download rate Overview at a glance (Negative and positive side):
1.Points are given for Complete downloads and No point given for non-complete downloads of any file.
2.When you reach the minimum payout of $1 you give payout request.
3.Payments Method are Paypal, Bank Transfer.
4.After 7 day of payout request you get withdraw.
5.You don’t get pay for less than 1 MB File.

My Payment proof 2014:
Indishare Earning Payment Proof 2014
I use it and get paid so you can also for your download based site for extra earning way. So if you have not an account create account here:


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