Pages Review And Payment Proof 2014 is the CPM based Ad Publisher network for monetizing all countries traffic.I use and Review And Payment Proof 2014
personally like Cpm Fun because .It gives high CPM rate then others Ad Publisher networks and they gives 100% fill rate, Actually CPM rate is depend on the quality of visitors. So am
personally referring you Cpm Fun to monetizing your valuable traffic to get high income. But in this ad publisher has some negative and positive approach you can know about that below discussion.

Negative Approach:
01.Minimum payout threshold is $100, which is very hard to small publisher.
02.No daily payment and take huge charge for quick withdraw.
03.Intermittently redirects and unwanted pops experienced.
04.Take more time to get approval (3-4 days
05.Payment Method is only Paypal that is very hard to get payment PayPal unsupported countries.

Positive Approach:
01.High eCPMs in the industry.
02.Daily $ bonuses for every publishers.
03.100% Fill rate.
04.Gives payment on timely.
05.Quick status and live traffic flow system.
06.Advertiser can easily start only $20 deposit.
07.No hard terms to get approval. Here you can see their Terms

My personal payment proof of 2014 in PayPal:
CPM Fun Payment Proof May 2014

So if you have not account join now here ~


  1. yes dear CPMfun is give good rate.I use it

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