Pages Review And Payment Proof at a Glance ReviewDear you are searching about Pop Up ad network, Today I recommendation to you which Pop Up ad network you use and why? is leading Popup Advertising Network. It gives more and more income than another Pop up Ad Media. I know why you are visiting this page..

01. is real or fake.
02. gives payment or not and Payment Policy.
03. Rate and Ad Control.
04. Negative Approach.

Am presenting your desire questions answer after that if you have any question about this just comment below:

01. is absolutely give payment there publisher and their manager is very good persons and well communicative. So it is 100% real site or ad Network not fake.

02. 100% gives payment I have already get paid two times and they gives payment in
Bank Wire.
So it is very good for PayPal not supported countries people. Minimum $10 required to get Payout and daily payment.

03. It is common to all pop Up Ad Company gives very few rate. But this site is totally different they give high rate than other companies. If you have US, UK, Canada or High quality traffic you get more rate. They provide Adult and Non Adult ads and you can easily manage that which ad will be live on site.

04. gives well but I found one problem. It does not give correct impression data. That means its impression amount is always few than others sites (Examine Two site Impression amount in a same time).

So guys I present overall issue about Pop cash. Popcash popular ad Network if you see it Alxea and its countries ranks you can assume how many Publisher and Advertiser like to use it.
I use at this moment two Pop Up Advertising Site My Payment Proof: Payment Proof 2014 (Payza) Payment Proof 2014

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