H12-Media Ads Review And Payment Proof

H12-Media Ads ReviewH12 Ads is a good Google Adsense alternatives and premium ad network for publishers and advertisers. They offer different formats and lot of size ads. It payment policy is good here you can take instant payment they charge for it. In below you clear about that.

H12-Media Ads are giving good CPM rate than other site and they
provide fast load and fully virus free ads code. Even you can get approval by blog site. No top level domain required for get approval.

H12-Media is not scam. They payment on timely .recently I get payment from H12-Media it payment proof is shown below:

Payment Proof:
H12-Media Ads Review,H12-Media Payment Proof

Positive Approach:
01.Legit premium ad network not scam.
02.Pay on timely, minimum payout 5 dollar only.
03.Payment method: PayPal, Bank Wire.
04.No minimum traffic requirement and worldwide traffic accepted.
05.CPM rate Average $0.10
06.Easy to get approval.
07.Income and traffic impression, CPM all thinks are always update time to time.

Negative Approach:
01. CPM rate is low than others network.
02. Instant payment but charge is high. See it payment policy and charge system:
H12-Media Ads Payment policy
03. Customer support is not fast.
04. New ad network yet not get good reputation.

Finally H12-Media is good from others ad networks from different site. Though it have some negative approach but overall quality is perfect for newbie blogger who are use Low CPM rate than it. If you want you can create account here:


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