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Qadabra Review,Qadabra Payment Proof ,AdSense Alternative
I use few days Qadabra Ads. It is one of Google Adsense Alternative. Now I am writing review of Qadabra after getting payment from it. In this site all payment proof screen shot are just own. It has some positive and negative site. So I discuss about Qadabra into a two segment.

Positive Site:
01.Real and legit CPM Based Publisher Network. Not scam.
02.Pay on timely. Net45th
03.Minimum payout system just 1 Dollar.
04.Payment Method Paypal, Payoneer.
05.Easy to get approval & No minimum requirements.
06.You can use it beside Google Adsense.
07.Clean and fast load ads code.

Negative site:

01.No instant payment system. Payment policy net45 that mean if you earn 50 dollar in January get payment in March 15th.
02.No ads control system like Google Adsense.
03.Not display relevant Ads.
04.Rate is not high and good like other networks. It may be going down to 0.01 CPM.
05.No Referral program.

Finally Qadabra CPM Based Publisher Network is over all well. After getting payment I stop showing Qadabra ads. I get maximum CPM rate $0.30 (average was 0.15) but after March 2014 eCPM fell down and give me average 0.05-0.06 cent only.

Payment Proof Screen Shot:
Qadabra Payment Proof 2014


  1. Well, Qadabra For Me, Has Worked ! I Use It On My Website :

  2. you are using it with google adsense?

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