Make Money With Review And Payment Proof

Today I am writing review of Yllix. It is an Ads Publisher Network. It is one of Google Adsense alternative. I use Bidvertise,Gloadmarket also yllix.It is not bad they give payment of time and customer support and payment policy is awesome.

It is good for them how are run after Google Adsense and not get approved. It is easy to approved and no hard rules to follow. Thought Yllix
not give high rate on Ads (CPM, CPC, and CPA & Popup) but they pay on timely and easy to use for that reason I use it.
Yllix Payment Policy:
01. Payment on Weekly and Daily.
02. Payment Method: Paypal, Payza & check.
03. Minimum Payment 1$(Paypal, Payza) and 100$ by check.
04. Referral income is 2% only.

Yllix is not scam. When become a premium member your CTR increase 0.20% - 0.30% with some conversion and they give address verification facilities with 5$ bonus. Address verification is needed to get payment on check. Below I give on Letter from

Letter from ,Address verification

Payment Proof Screen Shot:
Make Money, Review,Payment Proof.yllix,adsense alternative
Yllix pay but overall income is low so you can be a member if you are a newbie and have not Account of Google Adsense. When you blog or site get some visitor you can use Gloadmarket,Infolinks,Bidvertiser also. They give high rate then yllix.

Thanks guys it is my personal overview about Yllix. If you want to be a member of yllix create An Account Here:


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  4. Thanks for sharing about yllix. Its very useful for me :)

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